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Simple Western Platform Established for KleanAB Antibodies

Protein detection faster and more accurate than ever!

Simple Western is a platform developed by the ProteinSimple, a US-based company that launched in 2011. The Simple Western is an innovative and fully automated western blotting platform. Since its inception, Simple Western has been recognized and utilized by major research institutions and researchers around the world, including Harvard University, Yale University, University of Washington, University of California-San Diego, University of California-Davis, Stanford University, John Hopkins, and more. Many researchers have already published their results using Simple Western, with more publications appearing every year (visit for details)

The establishment of the Simple Western Platform at KleanAB will ensure fast, high-throughput, and highly accurate western blot validation for both current and future products. The system enables reductions of over 50% in experiment time and increases our internal efficiency by more than 70% through streamlining the bulk loading and mechanization process.

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