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Free Antibody Trial Application

Free Antibody Trial Application

For a limited time, we’re offering a free antibody trial for any of KleanAB's primary antibodies! All clients who are interested in purchasing KleanAB primary antibodies can apply for a 10 µl batch of the primary antibody of your choice.

Trial Overview:

Inquiry → Application → Send Application to KleanAB → Application Review → Delivery;

Application Process for free trail of any KleanAB antibody:

Who qualifies for this trial?
Any researchers or users who are willing to buy KleanAB products
What information is needed for the trial?
Basic information regarding the client’s contact, email, telephone, workplace, etc. This information should be sent to KleanAB’s customer service email:

Application process:

2.Find the antibody you want to try
3.Download and complete the application form
4.Send the application to KleanAB for review by KleanAB staff
5.Delivery of you free antibody!

Download the application form

KleanAB Trial Antibody Application Form

Applicant (client) name:



Fixed telephone:


Antibody name:

 Antibody Abbreviation:



  1. Please use only one form per antibody request. If you would like to try multiple antibodies, please complete a separate form for each request.
  2. If you have any special shipping instructions or requests, please add them to the “Comments/Remarks” section


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