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Free Antibody Trial Application

Buy 1 Primary Antibody, Get 1 Secondary Antibody Free

For a limited time, orders for 100ul and above of any primary antibody will receive a free sample of a secondary antibody, (valid between 2016/12/1 - 2017/3/31). (Note: HRP-combined goat anti-rabbit or goat anti-mouse secondary antibody will be provided)

It has never been easier to find an antibody for your specific experimental application. To search our nearly five thousand primary antibodies, please visit our official website:

Classification of Antibody

Production type

Primary antibody

Tag antibody   

Control antibody

Second antibody

Cell Biology

Apoptosis antibody

Biosynthesis antibody     

Cyotokine antibody

Differentiation antibody

Genetic antibody

Metabolism antibody

Transport antibody


Cancer antibody      

Cardiovascular antibody

Neuroscience  antibody

Biological species

Arabidopsis antibody

Microbiogy antibody

Below is a list of free secondary antibodies included in this promotion:

Product number

Antibody name



HRP combined goat anti-rabbit secondary antibody

25 μl


HRP combined goat anti-mouse secondary antibody

25 μl

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